From Where She Dreams

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This is an ongoing Sophomore project at DigiPen.  I am a Junior in standing, but I am currently at the Sophomore level for the game projects.

From Where She Dreams is a narrative point-and-click experience game about a young girl who’s trying to recover the lost pages of her journal.  The game is written from scratch in C++, with dependencies on MSVCR, SDL_ttf, FMOD, and DirectX.  I am technical lead on this team with responsibilities in writing and maintaining the core game engine, graphics system, meta/scripting systems, and project structure.  I am also the technical director of the team, meaning I ensure all the other developers are keeping to their tasks and that the overall structure of the engine and gameplay elements are satisfactory to the game designers on the team.

Team Enso is 14 members strong at this point, including 1 producer, 5 developers, 2 game designers, 2 sound designers, and 4 artists.  I have to work with every sub-team on a weekly and sometimes daily basis, so communication is extremely important to me.  I strive to be able to communicate with anyone in the development cycle, regardless of their role on the team.

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