Thornefall is a 3D fantasy multiplayer-online RPG in which the player can train skills, play in quests, or explore a growing world where continuously new adventure awaits.  Thornefall is an independent project currently being developed by myself and a friend of mine.  The project is a bit over one year old and currently has a passive development status due to school taking a lot of my time.  I am responsible for all programming, production, and technical responsibilities on the project.  My friend is responsible for all sound and art production.  We share game design responsibilities.

Thornefall is written in Java and C++, with Javascript being used as a scripting language currently.  The project totals over 80,000 lines of code, including a game engine, client, server, and two tools (one for assets and another as a level/world editor).  Much of the code needs significant improvement and refactoring, so the figure is definitely overestimating a lot of unused or poor code.  As Thornefall progresses with technological advances, I will definitely post blog posts describing concepts and implementations moving forward.

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