Google Summer of Code 2013

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Review by the SDL organization:

I heard about Google Summer of Code from a friend who participated in it in 2011.  Upon missing the 2012 application deadline, I vowed I would apply the following year.  For the summer of 2013, I applied to four different organizations.  The organization that accepted me was Simple DirectMedia Layer, who allocated two student developers for the summer to prepare for an amazing SDL 2.0 release for 2013.  Apoorv Upreti and I were chosen to work on two aspects of SDL2.  Apoorv would be working on services for improving the automated tests, since they were rather outdated.  I was tasked to create a cross-platform meta-build system which would be able to, at minimum, automate the creation of SDL’s Visual Studio and Xcode solution/workspace files.  They wanted a meta-build system which conglomerated all settings into a single location.

I feel the project went very well.  I chose to use Premake for the meta-build system and ended up programming support for Visual Studio 2008-2012, Xcode 3 & 4, iOS Xcode workspaces, MinGW using GNU makefiles, and some minimal Linux support.  If I were to continue to spend time working on the project, I would work more on the Linux support, since that would cover so many more build environments in the future.  More details during the development of the project can be found in the blog linked above.  A review of Apoorv’s and my endeavors can be found in the second link provided above.

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